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21.  Php Club http://phpclub.unet.ru/index_e.php3
...Resources for developers using the PHP scripting language to create dynamic HTML content; features...
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22.  evilwalrus.com // pop yuh colluh wally http://evilwalrus.com/
...The Evil Walrus PHP Repository features a complex snippet/code repository for your personal or corporate use, as well as an integrated forum which allows users to post their problems or expertise in PHP....
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23.  http://www.pyroxpro.com/ http://www.pyroxpro.com/
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24.  PHPScripts : L'Annuaire Francophone des Scripts PHP / MySQL http://www.phpscripts-fr.net
...L'Annuaire Francophone des Scripts PHP / MySQL. Scripts PHP et MySQL, articles et tutorials sur PHP/MySQL, forum, liens, docs... à télécharger librement et gratuitement....
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25.  DevShed - String Theory http://www.devshed.com/Server_Side/PHP/StringTheory/
...You may not know this, but the latest version of PHP comes with...
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26.  soysal.com :: http://soysal.com/page4-1002.html
...PHPEd is a php development environment for Win32, both to write and debug your scripts. Just simply, download php interpreter for win32 and extract contents to a folder to start. Besides, you can have an on-line php manual. ...
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27.  phpdev from firepages - php , mysql , apache preconfigured for windows http://firepages.com.au/devindex.htm
...Firepages is a repository for PHP related information, download the phpdev bundle a preconfigured self extracting zip file that sets up apache php mysql on your windows 9* 2k and XP machine....
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28.  www.qadram.com http://www.qadram.com/
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29.  PHP 4.0 Manuel de Référence.- Version française http://dev.nexen.net/docs/php/annotee/manuel_function.substr.php
...PHP 4.0 Manuel de Référence.- Version française...
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