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11.  SourceForge: Project Info - sith/web Portal Project http://sourceforge.net/projects/sithweb/
...sith/web is a PHP/MySQL-driven Portal Project in the early development. When finished it will be a merged links directory/news/FAQ/discssion system aimed at small sites on virtual hosts....
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12.  GeekLog - The Original Nifty GeekLog Site http://www.geeklog.org/
...Geeklog is a Web Portal System for any webmaster. Set it up as a storytelling software, News system, online community or whatever you want your site to be. Port the system to your local language and customize every aspect of GeekLog....
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13.  iScouter.net - The pet site for online information mining R&D http://iscouter.net/w3/index.php
...The pet site for online information mining R&D...
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14.  The Harpia Project http://www.amalla.com/harpia/
...Harpia is a topic driven dynamic content driven portal system released under GPL Open Source license. Harpia is written in PHP and using a mySQL backend. Features include news, stories, FAQs, links, files, and much more....
  ext: 0   hits: 506   cat.: Systèmes de Portail Dynamiques     [Voter]  [Lien Brisé]
15.  pSlash http://www.pslash.com/
...pSlash is a Slashdot and phpNuke like web portal system written in PHP. Besides the regular functions you see in other web portal system,...
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16.  Pour des sites persos pas exhibos http://www.attila-php.net/
...Pour des sites persos pas exhibos...
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17.  php(Reactor) : articles:index http://phpreactor.org/articles/
...php(Reactor) is a PHP/MySQL-driven system of integrated web applications to encourage user interaction and easy website maintenance....
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18.  Just for You - Website Personalisation and Content Management Software from Fudgecake Design http://www.fudgecakedesign.co.uk/
...Just for You can provide your website with the functionality of a major portal. Just for You will allow you to create news articles and news headline listings....
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19.  Yerba SAC http://yerba.sourceforge.net/
...Sistema de Automatizacion de Contenidos...
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20.  PhpWeblog http://phpweblog.org/
...Un autre système de portail dynamique....
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