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1.  http://www.infocrise.org/article.php3?id_article=44 http://www.infocrise.org/article.php3?id_article=44
...Windows et les chevaux de troie. Sécurité des systèmes...
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2.  SecuriTeam.com ™ (Security Bug Found in PostNuke (and possibly PHPNuke)) http://www.securiteam.com/unixfocus/6Q00B0U2UG.html
...Beyond Security will help you expose your security holes and will show you what the bad guys already know about your hosts and network. Use our Automated Scanning service to perform a full security audit of your site,...
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3.  ITtoolbox Security http://security.ittoolbox.com/
...A computer security community for IT professionals. Focusing on network security, encryption, protocals and standards, and relevant security topics....
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4.  Protek-Lab sécurité informatique http://www.protek-lab.net/index.php?page=kzfreeco.inc
...Protek-Lab sécurité informatique...
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