XForum Module

As you can see, we now are working hard on the new XForum 2.0 release. Why 2.0 and not 1.82 or 1.9 ?
Because when we need to have a new template system to fit on both PostNuke and iXprim CMS.

XForum could run on Xoops and PhpNuke too, but, it's my personnal choice, I don't want to help these two communities. (for the moment - we will see in the future... - there are too many code and copyrigth thieves... in France)

Then, of course, XForum will be release to Postnuke and iXprim. I'll give you the complete changelog in a few days.

Last but no least, I would like to say that Trollix has nothing to sell. He works only for fun. So if you don't like XForum or don't like to wait, please switch to another forum. We will not run against the TIME.

A lot of people tell me and email me to say that XForum have no support. I answered that:
1) I answer when I have time to answer
2) I answer when I know the solution
3) I answer when the solution is not IN forum.
4) I AM NOT alone. Help yourself and others help you.

So, now, I'm happy to write the 2.0 version.
I hope you will like it.


PS: Comments in forum only