Help!! Block for Phpnuke

soxin - 20/11/2002 00:01

Hi all!
Can I have de Forum-Block who is on this site right?

I need it to built a new one!

Please give me a downloadlink or send it to soxin@web.de or post the code here !

Sorry for my english !

Greats Soxin

sn_pilot - 05/12/2002 12:44

Sorry but I don't think it exists for phpnuke (Trollix is on postnuke). If I'm wrong, it's better for you :cool: .

DevlshOne - 31/01/2003 22:51

Not sure what you are looking for here but I have made some modifications to the PHPNuke "block-XForum_New_Posts.php" block. My version will display the author of the topic as well as the number of replies.

You can see it in use here and if you would like it, I can zip it and send it to you.

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