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Changing colors and the like

same problem here!!! all changes to the theme dont work so far... guess xforum blocks his own theme system when under postnuke. admin: please do fix this or at least give us a hint where we can force xforum...
2003/11/13 à 09:27
par simonlange
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Changing Colors when running as module under postnuke

Im running xforum 1.81.1 and i have a strange pain in the ass problem ;) whatever i do with themes under xforum - there is NO change at all. the colors are ALWAYS the very same and dont change at all....
2003/11/13 à 09:21
par simonlange
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Apostrophe problem & update

Hi, we experiencing the very same problem. but it does not only accur when the apostrophe is in the sig - even if it is within ANY user data field e.g. AIM or MSN... e.g. sumone wrotes "don't ask" it will...
2002/10/6 à 14:45
par simonlange
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