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Ordre ascendantOrdre descendant » Sujet: Unknown column 'post' in 'field list'bug v. 1.81
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threadicon Posté le 03/10/2003 à 14:56
I remember that ither people had found this bug, and that the admin had said that he'd fix it in the new version.
Although, since this new version is taking a lot of time to be put online (I'm NOT trying to push you, I know that it's a hard work and that RL is evil and everything... but... bear also with the users here who cannot use a VERY important function of the forum... at least important for me: I have urgence to remove obsolete threads because my forum has got over 10 MB of database, and I only have 50 MB of database, 31 of them used right now. If I cannot remove the old threads this way I must to it by hand and it's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG work because you must do it post by post...), can you please give us a patch, or a bug fix, to avoid this problem waiting for your new release?

PLEASE! I'm desesperate :(

Also, I tried to delete few threads with too much replies, but going back to the databse, the MB of the messages in the forum hadn't decreased of anything (and I had deleted something like 1000 messages, but the number of messages was always the same. May I know why?

Thank you for the attention.

By The Way: your site gives a lot of errors: I wanted to retreive my password but I couldn't because it sends you to a 404 page. I wanted to sign up for a new account and doing it from one of the two pages give error. I tried the other one and it worked, thank goodness... but can you fix the pssword retreiver? Thanks!
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