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 Posté le 2004/5/22 à 05:12
Not sure if this is available even for 1.8.x or for 2.x

VBulletin has a backend archive page. Google and other spiders love this kind of information. On sites where VB is installed I visit the forum put up a post and within 12-24 hours this same information is already linked in Google.

Have a look here for example:


Then search for this entire text on google

vBadvanced CMPS RC2 Released!

If you seach on just vBadvanced you get at least 30,000 results ... and now with their vbadvanced 2.0 their archive begins again but old information is in google and won't go away.

Within 24 hours of posting, this information was in google. I've come across this everywhere people use the back end archive on Vbulletin. This backend feed presents the informaiton in standard URL format not this hypenated stuff I'm seeing all over the Postnuke sites. Would be a very good feature unless it's already there and I don't see it.

Just some thoughts for you developer guys and gals

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