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 Posté le 26/05/2004 à 22:09
The instalation procedures of xforum seems to fail if you try to install it on postnuke 7.50 gold rc2. perhaps more problems should come about data losted in forum from old versions, not tested this part. Postnuke 7.50 is a plataform to jump into the incoming 0.8 version and have pnrender, and xanthia stuff and includes all security updates for postnuke .72x. Perhaps is a good idea to update/release xforum because i think incoming changes in postnuke 0.8 will not have any conflict with it beacuse the main part is already included, i'm afraid to upgrade now and lost my data.

/best regards...
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   Posté le 27/05/2004 à 01:16
I forgot to ask for a fix or a release for this is possible, is confirmed, xforum fails at least for me with RC2
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   Posté le 03/06/2004 à 17:08
I could install XForum 1.81.1 on Postnuke .750RC2.(even though I am on a free hosting serveur -free.fr-, with limited capabilities)

I did it last week, but I do not remember if I had to do something special ! (I tried so much module installs, a lot with no success...). Whatever, I know I have not had too much problems, the install of XForum was quite easy...

I've not tested the forum a lot yet, but it seems to be ok.
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   Posté le 04/06/2004 à 00:31
Congratulations then, for me there was not lucky then, anyway the real point about this post is to get an answer from trollix about a new updated, i like xforum too much but i need a plataform stable for the future so i'm trying to see if is safe to remain with xforum or switch to pnphpbb, they are currently updating for the incoming 750 of postnuke using pnrender and xanthia themes so is a good tip from them, but i still like xforum, there are outhere some webs running 750 rc2 althougth the knowns bugs and probably some webs more decide to change after 750 becomes out, so what is the future here?, perhaps to wait till 0.8 of postnuke is too much way since the main changes related to thirty part modules are pnrender and xanthia enviroment and they are already included. Still looking for a good answer... ;)
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